General George Armstrong Custer

As I reflect on the panel discussion "Where have all the potter's gone" and now the death of my cowboy friend John Chalke I see even more evidence of the chipping away of the old guard. I got invited to dinner at Carol- Ann Michealson's to enjoy a lovely dinner with friends from Italy Claudia and Peitro( La Meridiana), musicians and fellow faculty member Andrew Kuntz (the best functional glass blower bar none). Carol Ann has been on the clay scene as long as I have and has now sold the studio and becoming a jeweler. A big loss to the clay community in this province. I drove home thinking how lucky I am to have lived in this community of makers and how small the world is becoming. I'm feeling a bit like General Custer. He made the un-PC statement- There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry. Well, George  I'm doing my best to hold the flag but it they seem

to be coming at me from all directions.


studio wendy said…
Tony, your blog is a treat: inspiring and educating. (Or, as one of my studio mates said recently, "That Tony is nuts!) I just met Carol-Ann myself on Sat. at the Waterloo Potters Workshop event with Pietro and Claudia. Being a shino dreamer, I've been to Carol-Ann's studio and email chatted with her last year about her workshop at La Meridiana (I went for different workshop), and was gobsmacked when she told me about her change of direction. I don't know that I will ever have the gift or gumption to be a full-time studio potter, but I'm trying to do my part to keep the tradition alive. My first next bold step is going to La Meridiana for almost five weeks this November to do a residency. All I can say is, Keep on Truckin', General, we need you!
Dennis Allen said…
Unlike Custer you know to keep your hat on. On the other hand, he did get a popular feldspar named after him.
Unknown said…
Clennell Borate... I like it.
Soldier on
Back aways, you had a pile of opinions to espouse, but time shifts things, and now you have much wisdom to share. Keep on sharing please, Tony. Love the blog.

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