Health Insurance

I had to pull off a wood firing this weekend and I've been sick as a dawg. Good thing for me we have Health Insurance here in Canada. It comes in the form of three of my former Sheridan students that are good with sticks. I'd first like to thank my former student Andrew Kellner for stepping up to the plate for the old boy. Andrew reminded me of the the story in my book "The Old Bull and The Young Bull. I was in and out of bed this past 5 days but I could go and rest assured that the kiln was in the best of hands. Thanks Andrew for 10 years of friendship and always being there to help to Old Bull. You're the best!!! Emma Smith and Anne Marie Rowe also former students who are relatively new to the wood firing process and are steady and as dependable as Andrew. I'd take this kind of Insurance any old day. They make the old bull proud of a work ethic that is alive and well in their souls.
I went to bed for 4 hours and woke to snow. Apparently I slept thru spring, summer and fall.


Tracey Broome said…
I was exposed to someone with the flu yesterday, she said it was diagnosed as the French flu, wonder if it was the French Canadian strain:)
Feel better!
Unknown said…
I am all smiles! My set of Tony Clennell prints arrived today. I am looking forward to framing them up.

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