Guess Who?

Just put out some of my teapots on the top of my old John Brinkman cupboard.
There are 8 teapots and I’ll give a break on one of them and   So from left to right  in the front
give ya the first letter of the maker’s last name. If you get 4 right you can move to the “Eh” team which is what we give in Canada for excellence, eh!
H,W,K, M. In the back from left to right S, yixing teapot anonymous, O, C.
So all ya have to do is identify at least four and you become an honourary Canuck. This entitles you to spell honourary with a u and you get to say  eh. Tony in C eh N eh D eh!


DropStitchChris said…
I'm afraid I only know one!
But I'm already Canadian, eh!!
What a great collection.
I'm going to go with: the back: Joe Singewald, Jeff Oestreich, Tony C

the front: Michael Hunt, ?, Ben Krupka, Ron Meyers. Not sure about that W.
Misty C said…
W for Wong, as in Eric. Nice shino over slip.

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