Here are some pics of first year ceramics at Sheridan College, Oakville.  It was crit day and the students showed their work of the past 7 weeks. If you have ever wondered why go to school for an intensive 4 years this might be your first clue. Look at the quality of work from these students in their first year. They have 3 more years to go. One of the projects is to make 40 lb platters. Many start out with 40 and end up with somewhat less. Nevertheless they are an impressive canvas for the majolica paintings. To show the melting pot that is Sheridan I am showing you some work from students from Lebanon, Mexico, Japan and China. When you offer a quality product with great instructions the world is your market place.  I am very proud to teach these talented people. Hey isn't that one of the nicest coil pots you have ever seen. Gracie used 5 templates to build the piece within.


Vicki Hamilton said…
40 lb platters? Really? The best I've done so far has been 22 lbs! Nice work - Gracie's coil pot is amazing!
Russell Wrankle said…
Can I come and get some additional training? The work is exceptional.
Dennis Allen said…
I did 40 lb platters. Oh wait that was 40 1 lb platters. Does it still count?

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