Making Art with Art

Having a week with this dang flu I felt like I had a brush with death. Last evening a surprise package arrived at my door. I got 4 of the most beautiful brushes imaginable. Troy Bungart sent me four brushes and a couple of ribs. I was eyeballing them at NCECA and it was one of those moments when ya are on the way home and you wished you had bought something. I phoned Grass when I got home to tell him about these brushes with life. The brushes with the wood fired finials are really wall art but I'm itching to try that squirrel tail brush. Good to know squirrels are good for something.
I told Grass the wood in the ribs was so beautiful that I might not want to use them. He said " it is nice to make art with art!!!!". That did it! I am going to enjoy these soooooooo much.
Check out Troy's work It is such a pleasure to use objects that are made with care and love. It says so much about the user. I have bought quality ever since my hippie days of reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.


Vickie said…
Troy is having a brush making class this fall in Buchanan, MI. My clay buddies and I are saving tails from road kill. Ewww, but should make great brushes!
Unknown said…
Yang Zhou is doing a brush making workshop at the Fusion Conference in Peterborough on Friday May 30. The materials may not be quite so refined, but the heart is there.

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