Hey you get off of my cloud!

 Boy, when a student decides to actually listen to ya and one up’s you, it is time to start bucking up. There are things I like in a cup. One- I like a rim that makes you aware you are putting something to your lips. Two- I like a handle that makes a statement.   Three-I like a foot ring that I can examine with my finger while caressing the cup. 4- Wood fired porcelain is kinda heavenly.  Here is a cup by my former student Anne Marie Rowe aka Arrow.  Arrow has taken my “nice cup on that handle” to a new high with hundreds of piercings from a Dremel tool. As if that wasn’t enough holes she attacked the rim and the foot. The plates on the bag wall were killer. I never got offered one of them- hint, hint!
Kidding aside there is lots of room for Arrow on the handle cloud.  I teach them to imitate as best they can and then innovate. These handles are a signature unique to Arrow. Nicely done, woman!


Annemarie said…
Hey Tony
"A teacher effects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops"
Henry Adams

Just so you know.


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