Grande Frappa Do Dad!

So how many of you walk by the busker or the homeless person and dodge into Starbuck's for a  Grande Frappa Do Dad with cinnamon sprinkles or the Liquour store for a nice bottle of single malt?
You know this blog of mine is a form of busking except I don't have a guitar case for you to throw quarters in.
Just read of long time potter Johnnie Bauman of Indiana going to apply for a job today. I'm feeling sick and I'm ready for a GIANT rant. If some of you readers will buy my book or a couple of drawings I will buy one of Johnnie's platters. Two busking potters that live by the sword will work for another day.
My book "Stuck in the Mud" has several gems of knowledge on how to stay alive as a potter. It hasn't gotten any easier with people enjoying information without payment. From music to clay it is not in the artist's favour. For the record I don't copy music. I pay for it! If I want a book.  I buy it!
So consider buying my book or perhaps a drawing. I just had them dry mounted ready to hang so it is a pretty sweet piece of art for a whole lot less than a print of a cabin in the mountains with a deer drinking water from the lake. If you have any money left buy a piece from Johnnie Just keep your hands off that leaf platter. That one is mine!
Somehow I feel guilty doing this shameless self promotion but I'm in a bad mood and I'm feeling like circling the wagons.
If ya want a book or a drawing contact me at


Vicki Hamilton said…
T - The book is a gem. I tried to read it slowly, but I failed. One of the beauties of this book is that the sections can be read out of order - or in any order. I'm doing that again and again. The small sketch you sent along with the book is lovely. I was tempted to use it as a bookmark, but I think I'll frame it and hang it instead. I'm gonna go have a look at Baumann's work now.
Dan Finnegan said…
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Dan Finnegan said…
Tony, I had trouble with your email, but please send me 2 copies of your book. I've been meaning to do this...and I guess I didn't catch on to John's situation, so thanks for bringing it to light.
Ann Kenworthy said…
Tony, I read your book on the way home from NCECA. Never have I laughed out loud on a plane before! Your writing is wonderful and full of verve and your irreverent humor. It's on my bedside table now, ready for a closer read.

And your prints are even more vibrant in hand than online. Upgrading my work space now to put a happy smile on my face.
Kim in Houston said…
Hi Tony! Just received your 'first' book and once opened, could not stop to set it down and walk away. It's been a long time when I've had a good book to read and time stood still with no distractions allowed. It is great and the colorful brushwork drawing is a bonus to frame. I underlined lots of pearly wisdom that impressed me to refer back to. Very well written. I really enjoyed being with you and learning about you through your words since meeting you for the first time at the San Antonio Texas workshop. Thank You Tony!

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