Compromise is a speed bump

If you know what you want, don't let anyone tell ya you don't. I went to visit my potter friend Steve the Potter aka Stoner and his awesome squeeze Lis. I was treated to lunch at Haisai Restaurant in Singhampton the brain child of world famous chef Micheal Statlander. This place is a cornucopia of visual extravaganza. It is what I imagine I would come up with if I took psychedelic drugs. What is so amazing is this family dream in technocolour and charge handsomely for it. They have a hundred acres of sculpture where he holds eating events at $300 a plate and the road is lined with cars. It is a EXPERIENCE! Nothing is mediocre!!!!! You get nothing but the best. Each event is documented by film and in hard copy book. It is a cooking performance art production.
All the food is local and most raised on his farm. The people that come to apprentice at the restaurant do everything from making sculpture, to shoveling shit, to feeding the animals.
I came away thinking dream crazy big dreams and then get up in the morning and do it. Talk is cheap. Action takes courage! I'm thinking I'm going to start putting money in a jar to take part in one of these dinner experiences. I'll call it Research and Development. I have said it before "The businesses that offer an experience will be successful. He does it in spades.
Here is their snow laden wine bottle Christmas tree made of thousands of wine bottles. At night it looks like a spacecraft landed by aliens.
Take a look of this awesome view from Steve and Lis home studio. -29 outside and snow over your head.


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