Narratives, form and surface

We unloaded the Hamilton Potters Manibigama yesterday and then went to the local coffee shop for an informal critique of the work. Everyone was very pleased with the firing. Well I had some of the ugliest pots I've ever made which I see as a good thing. Pressure makes diamonds and the pressure is on for me and others to make a commitment to the pots of the next few months as we have a big firing of the bourry box and then an anagama.  Emma Smith really scored with this firing. The nudge to really express what's on her mind must have agreed with the kiln as it blessed the porcelain with kisses and hugs.
We talked about telling your story with your work, and that most of all it is form that carries the day. Also it was great to see some surface treatment that didn't only depend on the blessings of the wood firing. I have found that adding serendipity is always a wise move.  I went home and put together some gallon sized teapots. I have been trying to do more brushwork and so I went for some roundies with more emphasis on handles. 5 handle teapots- take that Dan the man.


Dan Finnegan said…
Teapots are coming soon now that I'm back!
Tracy Boyd said…
Thank you for the comment "telling your story with your work." As an new potter I have concentrated on the fundamentals and making reliable, sturdy, and functional wheel pieces. Your comment reminded me that I also need to add my own "story" to the pieces I make.

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