Pirates Bounty

Four summers ago I taught a summer throwing class at Ontario College of Art and Design University  in Toronto. OCAD has a very good reputation as an art school. Unfortunately the Ceramics Dept has shrunk to hardly a blip on the radar. One of the students was Anne Marie Rowe. Arrow was one credit away from graduating and she followed me to Sheridan College to major in Ceramics. I felt like a pirate taking home the bounty. What a score for Sheridan and me. She has graduated from Sheridan and is now part of my wood fire mentorship group with the Hamilton Potters Guild.
Her graduate work was pierced with thousands of holes from a Dremel tool. It was instantly a signature of her work. Here is some of her work going into the next wood firing at Pinecroft Centre of the Arts. Boy what comes to mind instantly for me is how did you do that???? This is fine craftsmanship and articulation personified!
I know I said "Craftsmanship" but I just think craftspersonship sounds goofey. You hit the bull's eye- Arrow. Now the big kiln will be your next critic.


Annied01 said…
I think her work is stunning and I hope the kiln gods are on her side...

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