Take a flying leap!

Since Dan the man is going to one handle pots I think I am really going to get excessive with mine.
The four handled teapots are just the beginning. For those of you that would like to have an intensive two weeks of making, with gourmet food, views of Tuscan countryside from an idyllic studio and trips to Etruscan museums so see pots like these ones why not join me at la Meridiana Oct 18-31 for my course entitled  "Spinning the wheels!". We also are going to visit Super Mario a guy shorter than me that makes enormous jars. To me Italy is where civilization still exists. Good food, good drink, good almost everything. I can't wait. Join me if ya can.


Robin Hopper said…
I took a flying leap, now I'm black and blue all over. Wish I could join you in Tuscany, some of my favourite pots live there! It should be a gas!
Vicki Hamilton said…
As a participant in workshops led by Tony Clennell at La Meridiana, I say go for it! You'll work hard, eat and drink well, see exquisite landscapes and buildings, meet amazing people, listen to great stories and come away from the experience with amazing pots under your belt....and probably a few handles to boot!

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