My favourite Cuban vegetable

I have to say that my favourite time of the day in Cuba was my morning double espresso. Coffee is a bean and so therefore it must be a vegetable.  I was getting what I figure must be double dose of vegetables each morning. Being on a bit of a health kick these days I also hung out at the salad bar. I was told that to meet women you should hang out in a bar so a salad bar must be the place they were referring to. The vegetables in Cuba taste like well let me see- rubber hoses. Actually everything in Cuba tastes like a rubber hose. Calamari is deep fried rubber hose, lobster is boiled rubber hose, bacon is fried rubber hose cut Julienne style, and the fish is a flat tire cut in filets. A woman asked me if I wanted to buy a book on Cuban Cuisine and I said I think I could get the exact same book back in Canada in the automotive section at Canadian Tire. There will be a chapter on how to heat a rubber hose.
I haven't had a smoke for a few decades so I thought while in Rome do as the Romans do. I bought a cheap cigar that may well have been a rolled up banana leaf. I should have bought a Romeo and Juliet, Monte Christo or some other big smoke. Well I enjoyed it and I am cured for another couple of decades.  For those of you going to Cuba pack your own hot sauce, some pepper to grind and anything that will give some flavour. The people are wonderful, the climate divine and I filled a few pages of a sketch book so it was time well spent.


LAL said…
You go, Tony. Enjoy your self a Cubre Libre or three. And some Ropa Vieja. And another cigar. You damn deserve it, friend.

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