Florida- On the road, again!

I got home to a snow packed driveway and minus 20 degrees outside. I couldn't sleep so I got up and made some pots. Not a bad start at some pots between 3am and 5:30. Having your studio in the basement is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing you don't have to shovel snow to get to it and it is a curse to hear the relay from the controller on your kiln. I am firing at night to save on electric bills.
So my mind was on the next workshop that is at friends studio in Naples, Florida. I met Annabelle at Pinecroft and we connected. I call her The Queen of the Tuckers. She makes wonderful little objects that fit around everything. I need to take lessons. I made 28 little whiskey cups last night thinking of Annabelle.

 So for those of you that have taken my weekend workshops this is a chance to work together for 5 days. We will accomplish a lot and make some great pots.

Haynes Bayless is also doing a hand building workshop so we will all get hand building and throwing demos. I am sure Haynes and I will schedule demos so that you all win.
April 6th to 10th. Hey that's my birthday so we'll have to have a party or maybe two. Going to be great to hang out with this group in the Double Whammy Workshop.
Tony Clennell- Our work is our gift!
Studio is Annabelle Johnson Pottery
5850 Shirley St. 102
Naples, Florida 34109
Workshop hours 9-4. People are welcome to work late

Haynes workshop
Clay More Ceramics
1750 Jand C Blvd Unit 9
Naples, Florida

All registrations are through Annabelle@clayland.com

Cost of the workshop is $495 for the 5 days.


Tony, the addresses of the workshops are in dark blue on a black background.

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