Dream team!

We fired the big bourry box this weekend. I had the dream team of women stay at my house.  I'm pooped but can't sleep with the energy of the week end. My frig is full of groceries and the wine cellar is full to overflowing. We had a surprise visit by our friend Dr. Yi who brought a grill, the beer and cooked her homemade sausages for our lunch. You're probably tired of hearing this but I am blessed with so much love and friendship. We went with the walnut for the firing because of the love of the colour of the ash but it did try to kick our ass. I had bought some insurance with a pick up load of kiln dried hardwood flooring scraps and we hit the walnut with a left jab, a body punch and the big right hook as the knock out punch. Down went Cone 11 top, bottom, middle and back. A former boxer sizes up the opponent and goes into the fight with a plan and a secret weapon. Our kiln "Cassius Clay" floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Now we wait until Friday to unload. Sleep tight me

ladies. Ya dun good!


Robin Hopper said…
Lucky you, Dr T.

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