I'm a fraud!

At the NCECA conference panel last year entitled "Where have all the potter's gone?" Mark Hewitt made the pronouncement that a full time potter is one that makes pots full time. A friend Chiho said to me afterwards "Hey Tony you're not a full time potter!" Whadda ya mean says I? You don't make pots full time. You teach and you do workshops. You make pots for others. You don't make your own pots full time. Hey Chiho you are right and guess what? I don't enjoy making pots alone all day, seven days a week. I like people and I ain't got a water cooler to stand at and talk to someone.
I do the damnest things to make it harder for me. Take these bowls with handles for example. They would probably be good sellers as bowls but then I have to go and put these overhead handles on them to turn them into baskets. I call them flower baskets. Not many would buy them for the reason of displaying flowers.
I do a lot of other things to subsidize my wood fire pots.


GRASS said…
I really like them best in the top image, without the over the top handle. They remind me of some of my favourite Cretan and Etruscan pots.


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