Well hung!

I just hung my meat low and to the right. That the meat hangs a bit crocked actually pleases me. This is the view from my reading chair. I don't own a TV and haven't watched one for over a year. I don't miss it at all. I did  like to watch the odd Leaf's game but so I hear the Leaf's are falling and it is only spring. I often stare at my David Fleming Windsor chair. This chair hand made on a treadle lathe is one of the nicest forms to look at. Painted pumpkin orange under the black it shows where my hands and feet have touched it. To the right under the poster of a younger me is a ladder back made by my cousin Brenda's Uncle Charles. I rescued that chair from the pottery where it held the kiln door open. I think it may have once been a rocker as it sits rather low. The other Windsor is from Pennsylvania when I visited Allison and Blair for the Torpedo Workshop. I started collecting canes when I was in my early twenties. Why???????? I don't know!


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