Here is a bowl in my collection that was a gift from Ryogi Maysumiya in Northern Japan. The bowl was a gift to him from his friend the Emperor of Korea's daughter who is his friend.  I did a one month residency at this pottery and one night he got out his collection of Yi dynasty Korean rice bowls used in Japan for tea. We were allowed to hold them but only about an 1" above a cloth table. I made the unpardonable mistake of drooling all over this one. I love hakeme and this one has these beautiful little orange blossoms that show in the kaolin slip. One night on my way to do a shift on the noborigama Ryogi handed me a wooden box and said "Tony, you love this bowl more than I do! This is a gift to you. Man you could have knocked me over with a sparrow fart at this unbelievable act of kindness, thoughtfulness and generousity. I later found out you are supposed to be too complimentary or they feel obliged to give it to you as a gift. I am now worried he will visit and I might have to give him my first born.
I don't know if this bowl is worth $10, $100 or $10,000 dollars. I held it tonight on my lap and dreamed of my upcoming trip to Korea. I leave next month. I am so excited!!!


Rick Mahaffey said…
FYI, Had you refused the gift two or three times he would been able to keep the bowl and not lose face.

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