Tired dawgs!

With all the energy of being with the group this weekend I thought I'd go into the studio the day after the firing and tear into a pile of clay. Well, truth is that I ache where I used to play. I caught up on some household stuff and napped, did some banking and napped, made supper and napped. I found myself in my favourite resting place dosing off. I did get as far as putting my studio shoes on. They never made it downstairs to go to work.
I really should re-read my book and remind myself of the story of the Old Bull and the Young Bull. When this old bull decides it lovin' time I'll do the work of 10 young bulls. I haven't lost my work ethic, my focus or my mind. Actually I drew some images yesterday that I am making today. Tempted to head over to the kiln and melt a flashlight trying to get a sneak preview. No, get to work young man!


GRASS said…
Happy St. Paddy's Day! Now take your green beer and either get in the studio or melt your flashlight at the kiln. A true sign of a PYROMANIAC IS THE NEED FOR CONSTANT RE-AFFIRMATION. Go boy go!

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