Grass altered my mind

A few years back when I was Temporary Acting Head of Ceramics at Sheridan I had Robin "Grass"Hopper do a workshop. He was and is my old friend and mentor. At that workshop he handed me his quiver of brushes that he used on the road. He nor I knew this was to be his last workshop.    Burn out had taken it's toll on a potter that was more prolific than 10 good potters. I had always maintained that if I wanted kill a pot just put a brush in my hand. Grass also said I needed a passive income and that I should publish my book of lies and horseshit. It has been a million seller. I have a million in the cellar. At the last minute before publishing I picked up the quiver of brushes and started sketching pots. I loved doing it for the first time in my life. Had Grass altered my brain? Had Grass passed his energy thru the brushes to me? Had his now shaky hand taken hold my free hand and guided it

 ? Now the decorating makes me look forward to glazing.
I got some flack for using the maple leaf as such a tight symbol on my loose work. I think though that the pots are becoming more tight and controlled to enable me to paint on them. So I did some and some. Some vinyl resist and some brushwork. The wood firing this weekend will be the judge and jury. I made 50 little soju cups to take to Korea and the rice bowls will be stacked inside of each other just like a couple of Korean bowls that I own and love to use. Hey Grass since I have always followed your sound advice I did mix the iron with tin 50/50 for chestnut but I used yellow iron instead of RI0. I kinda wish it would stay school bus yellow. Thanks dude!


Vicki Hamilton said…
T, I love your acknowledgement of Robin and how much of what he gave you took in. Thank you for your generosity. You are one of the most freely giving artists that I know.
GRASS said…
Many thanks, Dr T., I am moved beyond words.
Ron Mello said…
Great brush work Tony.. Have you used your "Ron Mello" Brush yet?
smartcat said…
Grass is certainly a game changer! His books Making Marks and Robin Hopper Ceramics are bibles. Plus the year long (or more) blog that was a continual learning experience.
Looking forward to the results of the firing!
Anonymous said…
"I have a million in the cellar."

Only way from there is up!
Unknown said…
I have been reading awhile and never commented but I wanted to give you a music suggestion. I know you like Texas song writers and I couldn't help but think of you while listening to
Ray Wylie Hubbard. If you get a chance check him out.

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