So you want to be a potter that drives a Lexus?


So you want to make money making pots!
Well for starters stop reading this blog and go to your studio and get some work done. Then secondly if you have to take a break and read a blog for heaven’s sake don’t read mine. I just made 8 big rolls and put 48 handles on them. Now that I am on this double handle craze it meant 6 pulled handles for each roll. Is that any way to drive a Lexus? With these articulated forms the rolls don’t actually need handles at all. I pick them up under the belly of the pot. I have made one brilliant decision and that is that they won’t be wood fired. These ones are destined for the gas kiln. A nice big canvas for me to practice my brush work. Besides the thought of wadding the lids just puts these over the top for the most given unused wedding gift of all time. I swear nobody uses the dang things. They sit somewhere and look pretty. I call it a visual function. That way I can still call them functional vessels. Ten pound roll, 4 pound lid,  fill it with mac and cheese and you got yourself a  grunt coming out of the oven.

48 handles later


Unknown said…
Otto Heino a potter from Ojai California liked Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Mercedes-Benzs.

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