Life is good!

I have my seven wood fire women coming to stay at the man cave this week for our big firing. We are going to do battle with walnut again since I loved the soft yellow ash. It is cut finer so hopefully coaling won't be as big an issue. I have 1/3 ash as a back up.  Since all are staying here a bit of life is a nice touch in the house. Nice smelly lilies in my Robin "Grass" Hopper parabolic bottle, some anthurium in an old reduction cooled box of mine and a red rose with leave handles inspired by my teapot handles in a small puncheong bottle by Young Chol of Korea. It has been such a brutal winter the flowers in the house have picked up my spirits. Friends Stoner and Lise are coming to stay tonight so oysters, calamari and shrimps laid out on plates of snow are our appetizers. Hey Grass you can't do that in your daffodil bed!!!! I got all these goodies on my Master Card points. The Riesling is chilling in a snow bank. Life is good for those that know that life is good!


Anonymous said…
Nice to see my childhood home being put to such lovely use!

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