Bacon Wrapped

I’d like to thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for the many B-Day wishes. Each day on this earth is a blessing never mind an entire year.  I fired the wood kiln this weekend with some members of the London Potters Pyromaniac Community so I’m pooped and decided to just chill today on my B-Day. Scratch dug down deep and on a rare occasion blew the budget on a nice pair of bacon socks for me. Scratch can break my heart and melt it all on the same day.

 My feet were a bit tired from the steel toed boots and standing on concrete for 34 hours firing the wood kiln but I must say wrapping my feet in bacon has been a wonderful cure. My only regret is that they are not scented. There is nothing like the smell of cooking bacon!!!

I’m wondering if perhaps draping bacon on your forehead might also be a cure for a hangover and there is a possibility bacon could shrink hemorrhoids.  Some people believe Bill Clinton is the world’s biggest drug dealer, some people believe that there are aliens alive and living in our presence and I believe bacon is a miracle cure.


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