Showing your crack!

The higher you climb up the ladder the more you show of your crack. I’m still on a kitchen step ladder but I’m going to show you some of my crack. I’ve been having quite a time of it. I’ve had shivering, not cracking enough, cracking too much and all kinds of road blocks to the perfect plumber’s crack. 
On Facebook I’ve been discussing with Doc how revisiting your old work (your history) can sometimes point you in a direction forward. It can also help you get unstuck when Scratch is on you about making sappy pots. 
I ‘ve enjoyed many moments looking in the rear view mirror. A favourite moment for me was a few years back looking in the rear view mirror and saying good bye to a place and time that didn’t fit my shoes. 
Here is a pic of a bowl of mine that was in a Japanese sponsored show in an abbey somewhere in Belgium about 10-12 years ago.   It ain’t a bad bowl and I kinda like revisiting it. How to make a rather boring celadon glaze look interesting- give it plumber’s crack!
Doing a firing this weekend in Cassius Clay with The London Potter’s Guild. After this weekend perhaps I can get down to my own work. I’ve been on again, off again. Jack, Scratch, The Pastor are staring at me wondering when I’m going to get busy in the studio. I also stop writing when I’m stuck.   I can’t wait till 2018 with Dan. I gotta stop dragging the anchor. Gotta make a living!


another guy in that shoe with us was Eddie Curtis. He is on a tear with some really fine work

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