Out of the closet

Amongst my list of characters there lurks “The Shadow” who goes by the alias of DH. The Shadow is a bit of a shy character and I can’t always count on him being present. He arrives unexpectedly and delights me with intelligent comments on my blog posts. He is the Banksy of The Cactus Lounge. Banksy is probably my favourite contemporary artist- talented, clever, witty, and seemingly anonymous. I have baited The Shadow with offers to share my fame and fortune by contributing his art work to my blog which is a never ending source of big money for me.  I think he sees my offer a bit like a potter asking a poet for some spare change.
The Shadow awakes each morning reads several newspapers and is infatuated with the obits. Seeing someone of interest he draws them. He is one of those that seem to do art for arts sake and not as I do for hard cold cash.
I like what The Shadow said on my blog about Grass the other day.
“and Bravo! It deeply saddens me to hear of the passing of the poets, we need ‘em so bad, as much as ever and as much as always. So when the ground shook the other night it was your friend. … he died so hard, shook the ground in my backyard.” Some shake the ground a little harder than others.
So The Shadow came out of the closet today and  sent me this drawing of Grass
The cartoon caption reads
Visitor asking RH “Hey Robin, is this heaven?” Robin’s reply, “No, it’s Chosin! I suspect RH knew where he was relative to this question. Chosin is the name of the pottery that Grass and Judi Dyelle have maintained for the past 3+ decades. It is situated in Metchosin a small village on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. That part of the world is a slice of paradise and they turned it into heaven.


smartcat said…
What a great tribute! Thanks for all your thoughtful words on Robin's passing. Mine seem to have failed me!

Happy Bealated Birthday! Think of all the Un-Birthdays you and the Cactus Lounge Gang have to celebrate!
Unknown said…
Nice words....
I was fortunate to have attended MISSA for 10 years. My first class was Robin's and after that I teched for him and then other potters (thanks Meira). So many memories and shanigans were had. I truly owe everything to Robin and the school he started. MISSA was my "college education ".

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