The Book of Nothing

Ever since my daughter Robin was a little girl she kept what she called The Book of Nothing. In that book she wrote sayings that she thought were interesting. I guess it is true the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as meaningful words have always been a part of my life.  This is one side of her fridge.  Looks like an interesting person lives in this house.
She bought me the beautiful hard cover copy on Banksy. I love the disclaimer by the unknown author about an unknown artist “ The ink is my tears. I distinctly remember setting fire to a little boat and setting it adrift in an old rusted bath full of tramp’s piss, a symbolic gesture, a farewell to any hope of ever being taken seriously as a writer”.
I think this blog is my Book of Nothing. It is now over 800,000 page views. If I had a penny for every word.  Here in Canada they ain’t making the penny anymore because I think they knew I was about ready to collect .

 I went down to her house in Little India in Toronto where she took me out to a lovely restaurant for my B-Day dinner which started with hummus.  Even writing the word gives me gag reflex.   I’m getting in practice for life with Dan at Starworks next winter. The contrasts between us are going to be interesting meat lover- vegetarian, coffee lover- tea nanny, Tennessee sipping whiskey- Highland Scotch,  and clean shaven- hairy. I’m looking at this time together as a sabbatical. Well come to think of it my entire life has been a working sabbatical.


Anonymous said…
I enjoy every one of your posts, Tony. 'Stuck in the Mud' was a great read. Happy Birthday to You, young man. Enjoy your next year adventures.
Trish said…
Happy Birthday, Tony, (fellow Taurean..mine is tomorrow).... I agree with Anonymous. Every one of your posts is a verbal feast!
Hope you enjoyed your dinner on loved pottery treasures.
Okay, now this procrastinator Taurean must get to work!! Cheers. have another great creative day.. Trish from Alberta.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday from another one of your many followers!

Push'in on to 1M views!

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