My Erection

Well today my neighbour Ken the Welder helped me with my 10 foot long erection that is as hard as ¼” steel. I couldn’t handle the erection on my own. Too big, too heavy and I feared it might fall on me. Imagine being killed by an erection.
 Not often that you weld a tree but we welded the Fran tree to pieces of steel that used to be my clothes line poles. Not hanging my gotchies out for all to see.
You can’t plant tender stuff here until after May 24th so my plans are to plant three types of clematis on either side of the Fran tree and let them grow up and show themselves to the neighbours in the form of a purple, pink and white tree. My dad’s favourite climbing vine was the clematis so I’m going to let him crawl all over mum. I’m going to choose one that blooms in the early summer, the summer and the fall. When the blooms are gone I will put up my Christmas lights.
I was born in the year of the rabbit so it is the rabbit in me that wants my little warren to be a warm happy place. It was three years ago today I moved to Aylmer to start a new life. Sometimes life takes the steering wheel and you are just a passenger along for the ride. Sometimes it’s so scary you look out the passengers side window hoping not to see what’s coming at you. At other times you grab the wheel at 2 o’clock, punch down on the gas, turn up Born to Be Wild and rocket down the highway.   

My neighbour with the million dollar house next door has already asked me what colour I’m painting Fran. Fran stays the way I remember her. Strong as steel with no paint. I might if I can find it buy a bottle of Evening in Paris perfume and sprinkle it on her once in a while. That was her favourite or at least that is what she told her 3 boys. It’s probably what she knew we could afford.  


Annied01 said…
My cousin the sculptor welder protects all his work after they have gathered a little rust with a clear epoxy or he suggests we buy cheap $-store epoxy and dilute it with 5% acetone to obtain similar results... keeps the rust from getting so bad the piece corrodes and breaks... we have a yard full of sculptures here, they blend in beautifully with our natural surroundings Xoxox Anne

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