Down Memory Lane

The Fran Tree has brought along with it memories of my childhood. Coincidentally a childhood friend dropped by with a teapot they were given for a wedding present some 40 years ago. Of course he broke the lid and now wants me to save yet another good man’s ass. Being President of The CYA Club or Cover Your Ass Club how can I refuse to at least try? I know, I know this is going to a nightmare but he's a old friend and his marriage may depend on me. Such a cross I have to bare. 
 I will use my Rhodes Black Glaze for a black lid and it will look close to a museum restoration. He will get big time points at home. I will have saved yet another man.
Besides I needed to look at this Blue Mountain Pottery teapot to flood my gray area with memories. When I was a kid there was a piece of Blue Mountain Pottery in every house in our neighbourhood, probably all of Ontario and scattered all over the world. That green lead glaze was and is to die for.  The pottery started in 1953 and closed in 2004 for reasons unknown to me. I think the big box stores drove out the jewellery stores where we used to buy our treasured Blue Mountain Pottery.

My two brothers and I would pool our money to buy mum another piece for the china cabinet or to display in the front window to show off to the neighbours our status as suburbanites with a touch of class. Most of the Blue Mountain Pottery that I remember were swans, bears and critters. We had a fancy long necked swan bowl that was never to be used. The pick of the litter.  Apparently  Blue Mountain  is retro now and becoming collectible. You just have to crack the longevity question, wait long enough
and you just might be in again. 


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