The Blood of Christ

Hey Doc Lent is over so you can now pour yourself a Negroni and live life large again..
Here are a  couple of vases from the latest wood firing of the London Potter’s Guild. These tall boys hung around my studio for almost 3 years unfired. I guess I wasn’t all that excited about them.
The Pastor held prayer here at The Cactus Lounge on Easter Sunday and Jack, The Pastor, Scratch, Itch, Doc, The Shadow  and I drank the blood of Christ in the form of a big bottle of red. Henry of Pelham Baco Noir Reserve at $25 a cork. A very delightful grape served with strawberries dipped in crushed black pepper.
On your left you have Malcolm Davis carbon trap shino and on your right you have Johnnie Britt’s Gold Shino. Hey you have to spring $9.95 to get Johnnie’s Gold. He has written a fantastic article on Gold Shino which is available on his website. This may be the best $9.95 you spend this week unless of course you want to double your bet and buy my Stuck in the Mud at $20..

Scratch hated the handles especially the the double up. I sat back with a vessel of blood and pondered Scratch’s assessment. I hear ya, and it’s a good idea but I ain’t going to do it. The handles stay and so does the signature that says these pots were made by Tony Clennell. Being me isn’t always pretty or easy.  Forgive me Lord for I have sinned several times and will again.


John Bauman said…
Unknown said…
You taught us that pepper and strawberries trick at the winery near Beamsville. Gotta be fresh ground pepper and a solid red. Dip the berry in the pepper, take a bite and a sip of the red. Still use it.

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