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Bullshit baffles brains and piling up letters behind one’s name is Crapademia’s form of one upmanship. Grass was not a fan of pottery being taught in The Ivory Tower. Go to art school to learn the words to the song and then get out in the studio and play the music.
I thought I had better decipher the letters after Grass’s name for those of you that received a letter and wondered how scholarly he was.
He always signed his notes Robin Hopper MLSD, MFA Equivalent, RCA, RTFM, and now he could add OC.
MLSD_ Mischievous Little Shit Disturber- He was President of the Club and he made me VP. I guess I now succeed him and will try my best to raise a little ca-ca.
MFA Equivalent- 50 years in the mud pits I think would give ya some credits towards your MFA. I think when he graduated from Art School in Britain an MFA was not available. Go to Art school and go make pots- ta-da!
RCA -Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts. This is a letter designation earned for contribution to the Arts in Canada and you must be nominated by 7 artists that already hold the RCA designation. Grass was one of the nominators for me. His letter of support carried considerable weight.
RTFM- READ THE FUCKING MANUAL- This was Grass telling people to please read his book before asking questions. In other words come to class prepared to learn.
Order of Canada- This one is a biggie as it is Canada’s highest civilian honour and it came some 2 weeks before his passing.

Word from Judi Dyelle today is that if you want to contribute some doe, rae, me in Grass’s honour please give money to your local arts organization or buy something from your favourite artist. Support the arts!!!!
Surround yourself with great art,  great writing, great food/drink and great company- it’s the potter’s way. 

I am pleased today to see Lisa Hammond ordered my book. I will be sending it across the puddle. I know Grass would be thrilled by any contribution to The Clay College- a program teaching the craft of the potter on the hallowed grounds of Stoke on Trent of his beloved United Kingdom.  A clay program taught by potters who’d have thunk it? Keep the flame alive- Lisa. Stoke I love that name.


Unknown said…
This grass guy wrote a book in the 80's that was a life line to me ❤ it was my only mentor for useful pottery in the early days of my quest to have a career in something I just had to do. Prior I lived in the basement archives at UNCA bound periodicals for CM seeking direction .
I finally met the man at a workshop at Odyssey Clay in Asheville just to hug his neck and tell him how very much his book changed my life in so many ways , how grateful I was ...... btw MSLD and MFA equivalent I'd gladly attach to my name ❤
🎂Happy belated Birthday 🍺 Sorry I missed it but was too busy in the pits of clay to get online 🍦
Unknown said…
I'll put the initials behind your name, too, including GYAB. I remember our discussions going across Texas to San Antonio (is that place named after you?) and talking about the MFA credential, don't remember if it was before or after Neely got ahold of you. This is one of the best posts you've ever done (my opinion only). Grass would be proud.

Keep practicing.

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