Will work for love

I have heard that some workshop presenters don’t really show their stuff. I show all my stuff and share everything I know. I am not insecure about my work. If someone can watch me for a weekend and do it better than me then shame on me and bravo for them. I think my former boss Bruce Cochrane and I teach in a similar fashion. We show ya all we got and then it is up to you to innovate based on the foundation you have been shown.
I made these teapots the other day and Cassara came over and said oh you are doing a Bruce meaning I cut the gallery just like the teapot I got from Bruce last weekend. Does the teapot look anything like Bruce’s?  Not at all!  I think it is an important reason why you should surround yourself with pots you admire. There are little details that you can incorporate in your work. It ain’t copying.  It is having an eye for details that you like and can try on your work to keep it changing and alive. “Nothing will stop you from being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake.- John Cleese.
The kid is staying here for a month. Andrew Kellner just finished his MFA at WVU and has started a new job as Operations Manager for the London Potter’s Guild. LPG is the fastest growing and most progressive Guild in Canada with a 2 million dollar facility fully funded and a Board that is leading it to the top of the heap.

Andrew and I had some catching up to do over a bottle of Scotch. I was telling him that at the recent Guelph Potter’s Market I had these old timer potters Bill Reddick, Vince Bowen, Bill Mason, and  Jonathon Harper come up and tell me they wish they could be so loose. Andrew said WTF I have seen you be so much more loose. Your rims look tight, come on man get your mojo back. So I made these teapots with the kid in mind. Who is going to support me in old age as I get looser and looser? I will start painting the sign tomorrow_ Will work for love!


Cyndi said…
You are a nut! Thanks giving me a laugh tonight.

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