Another reason I'm not a potter!

I make what I want and not what I should. I know that big mugs sell faster than small mugs. I don't like big mugs, I don't like yunomi's and I don't like hummus. My friend Jen Drysdale sent me a note telling me of a new movie in Canada- "Hummus the Movie" where they serve hummus at the openings. I can think of nothing worse than a room full of Canadian people with really bad breathe. Even if the movie was good I would boycott it. I hate hummus.
 I like grits! Why don't they make a movie called " True Grits" and serve them along with eggs, bacon and a good IPA? The movie could star someone as cool as John Wayne.
It takes just as long to make a small cup as a biggun' but will people pay the same price? No! So I'm thinking these are whiskey cups. They are not for John Daniels, James Beam or Old Grandad these are for top shelf whiskeys and bourbons.
The ones that look a bit sticky are made from Alabama Wild Clay from the beach at a new friend Shelley Leigh's house. This clay is the most beautiful clay I have ever thrown. Sorry Takuro but this clay is so soft and plastic right off the beach. The reason the cups look sticky is because I rushed to handle them to go help Andrew Dutcher fire the noborigama. I got there just in time for cocktails. This was the easiest shift I have ever done. Andrew finished off the kiln quicker than he expected. The back chamber went from Cone 6 to 12 in a half hour.
Seagrove is a good place for me to hang with my kind. I love it here.


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