Good art doesn't have to match the sofa

My daughter Robin is a busy professional career woman with a two and half year old daughter Julia. Robin has to juggle all the balls of running a household, managing a career and raising her daughter. So on a particularly busy day she suggested to Julia that she dress herself. Check out the combo Julia picked for herself. I think it is wonderful in that nothing matches or co-ordinates but it is pure art. Kids art. When do we stop being kids and have all these rules of what should be and what shouldn't go together. Why is plaid and polka dots such a bad combination. If you like it then dance like nobody's watching.
Julia has been going to art galleries since she was 4 months old. She most likely slept thru the entire adventure but Robin believes the art will enter Julia's body thru osmosis. Sunday afternoons are painting days.
I get a laugh out of people that need a room painted to go with a particular piece of art. If I like a piece of fine craft or art I don't give a tinker's damn if it matches the paint chip. It's what you get when you have an eclectic house like mine. I'm kinda missing it today.
Jesse Black is there tearing out my counter and preparing it for a hand made tile counter I'm going to make and install. I was told it is not wise for resale as people don't like tile counters. I don't care as I do. They may not like my yellow door, my red door, my blue and my green door on the bedrooms either. I am an artist and I pick colours like Julia picks clothes. Julia and I are going to be the best of friends.


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