Wall Art

I have always maintained there is more money in the living room than the kitchen.  There is also more money spent on the walls than the table. Even really bad paintings are considered art and exceptional pots are still pots. Really bad paintings usually cost over $100 and there are many good pots selling for less than $50. Take my cups for instance! This last sentence is in praise of my Uncle Dan.
I’ve been slapping these handles down on the table and liking the results so one night I dreamed of making cylinders and slapping them on the table to make sushi trays. I took them fresh off the wheel and slapped them down on clay screenings from Catawaba Wild Clay.  I guess you could cup out a pot shape from a big chunk of clay but I’m a wheel man so I threw some shapes to slap and stretch out.   Well two things happened. One most of the clay movement flattened out and disappeared so I had to take a rib to them and put the tactility back into them. Two I thought why make sushi trays?  I already have a basket I call a bacon tray so I don’t need another one of them.
The trays will end up in the cupboard so I poked a spot in the back so that they could be hung as wall art. Ha and you thought I was just a cute face.

I’m going to have some fun with these. Dreaming out going back to some of my reticulated glazes. Doing this gave me a fond reminder of my friends John Chalke and Barb Tipton. I once had a cup and saucer wall piece of Barb’s. I miss that piece and today writing this makes me miss them.


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