Make America Skate Again

Just to make y'all jealous I'm giving you a bit of teaser on what we got going on here at Starworks the weekend of the workshop Dan Finnegan and I are tag teaming on. Our combined Power Point presentations on Thursday Feb 22 is free and of course the more the merrier. Meet and greet is 4-5:30 and then the talks are from 5:30 to 7.
During our workshop SunKoo Yuh from UGA will be making a sculpture for Fire Fest. This dude is a power house. You will see a ton of clay get made into something incredible. Rumours are his residency at The Kohler Factory had him using 40,000 lbs of clay in a month. This will set a new bar for my big ware.
Just for my buddy Dennis Allen I have asked our new resident and house mate Camille Morin to give roller skating lessons. Camille quit ceramics for 4 years to do roller derby so she can handle the wheels but can she handle Dennis?
If all goes well Dan and I plan to fire the groundhog early in the week and we will all go Sunday afternoon for the unload. Fingers crossed we have some racers.


Anonymous said…
One might argue that a gig at the Kohler Factory is like being in a bowl game.

Make Marcel Duchamp proud again!

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