Financing for Muggs

Last night Dan blew in from VA and he had that look on his face. I've been with him here at Starworks long enough to know the look of The Fighting Irish. I was about to get shit for something. The smell of bacon in the kitchen??? I knew not what! How much are you going to sell those sweet little cups for? I said " I dunno, probably 20 bucks or so!!" Here comes the shit storm. " I knew you were going to say something stupid like that. You are like hell going undersell me. You are going to charge $50 each for them. Look at that computer of yours. You need a new one! Finance a new computer with the sale of the cups you made. How many pots do you have waiting for you at home? None, I answered! Doesn't that tell you something about the brilliance of your pricing?
So here I was a guy with two undergraduate degrees in Business Administration getting a lecture on finance from a life long potter.
In over 20 years of formal education I only ever failed one course- finance. I hated that course so much I skipped it so often that I forgot what room it was in, what building, what time it started. It always bothered me that I had failed a course.
 I just tried for a year to do my book keeping and even bought Quickbooks. I would rather eat hummus than do book keeping. I hired a book keeper and I am a happy man once again.
So Dan, thanks being here with you is over the top great! You really must do an article on Mug Financing. Brian Nettles in Ole Miss also has a mug theory. Finance what ya want with your mugs. I love making cups so it's a good plan.


Anonymous said…
Say thanks to Dan as I have been on your case for ages.
Anonymous said…
Was talking to a Potter in Florida last week. He got my Peter Pugger shipped to him, and I got his shipped to me here in Oregon. Say Owen, he says, you need to raise the price of your mugs. He had looked at my website. Don’t you realize that most people are spending ten bucks for a latte here in Miami? Fifty bucks is a good price for a handmade mug.

Well I don’t know about that, I’d hate to go out of business because nobody could afford my prices. It is however something to think about. Though I would have to have a gun to my head and the Mexican cartel ordering me to buy a ten buck coffee or I’d be shot before I’d do it. But that’s just me.

Cheers, Owen in Oregon

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