Potter's Tears

For many the drop of a booger from the arch of a salt kiln is a spoiled pot but for me it is a bonus

. I call them potter's tears. I am all about process so this a blessing and not a curse. I picked this new kinda bowl for my contribution to the Ron Meyer's Tree Show at Nceca in Pittsburgh. I need sometime to spend with the wares since I haven't had much time to ponder. Dan and I just finished a 3 day tag team hands on workshop with 17 really awesome people. We all unloaded the groundhog together so I haven't had much time to look.
The making part is over for me here at Starworks. We are going to help fire David Stuempfle's small bourry box kiln this week and then I have the NC Potters Conference on the weekend then I head north to Dan's then Lancaster PA then Pittsburgh for NCECA. Then home sweet home!


Unknown said…
Absolutely! Awesome work you do TOny!

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