Renaissance Men

Don't know what it is about Mississippi but there seem to be a collection of Renaissance men in the state.
Susie Bowman of The Kiln Studio in Fairhope, Alabama arranged for Emma, Jesse and me to spend a couple of days with Brian Nettles a potter on the coast of Mississippi. Brian had lost everything he owned during hurricane Katrina. He slept in a tent for two years while he rebuilt his home, studio, kilns and teaching facility. And if you're wondering what potter would have anticipated this 32 foot wave and gone out beforehand and bought flood insurance. Brian is amazing!
 He took us out  9 miles in The Gulf of Mexico to an island where we went oystering. The place was inhabited with white herons, pelicans, dolphins and yes gators. Polk Salad Annie gator's got your Granny. It was one of the most amazing places on earth. We had fresh oysters, shrimp and a beer on the beach.  Emma took pics. I left my phone behind as we had to wade into shore- burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Brian also took us to The George Our Museum and The Walter Anderson Museum. People are crazy interesting down here.
Walter Anderson is a famous Mississippi outsider artist that lived his art. He would row a little 12 foot dingy out to the islands where we were so he could swim with the pelicans and slept under his boat. He would stay out there for months and paint.
The painting of the inside of his house reminded me of Canada's Maudie (Maude Lewis).
We have been super busy with travelling GA, Alabama and Mississippi. I do a workshop here this weekend then back to Star. Filling up on meat right now.


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