Belles Yawl

If you don’t understand the subject title it is because I was just in a foreign land listening to and trying to speak a completely different variation of the Queen’s English. In the past 4 year’s I have done a lot of travelling and each country or place I go I come home thinking that they are the kindest people on the face of the earth. This was a lot like being in Korea. I could understand the body language but what I was hearing was pure gibberish. I’m in love with the Deep South, the people, the customs, the hospitality but mostly the authenticity. They are what they are.
I was in Georgia on my Mind, Sweet Home Alabama and Ole Miss. I’m now back in NC and finding it rather cold at 60 degrees F.  I could very easily get used to no snow and sweater weather.
I just left The Kiln Studio in Fairhope, Alabama where we moved a pile of clay. Everyone was totally punching above their body weight.
Drove to Athens, Georgia to take Hester Meyers out for her B- Day Dinner last night. I drove up to NC feeling a bit sad to leave my friends behind. This was The Last Waltz at Ronnie and Hester’s . I got a lump in my throat looking at the picture of the firing crew and the family photo. This is my favourite week of the year and to think it has come and gone leaves tears in my eyes. Ronnie and Hester are the best!!!! Look at how young and old are brought together to share friendship, love, food, dialogue and hard work.  No wall being built at their house. The table just keeps getting longer as people drop by. If I could live my life over I would be them. In love, sharing love, and nurturing love 

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding???

I was greeted at Starworks, in North Carolina by Dan Finnegan in a ninja apron ready to beat me to a pulp for the smell of bacon on my breathe. 


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