Anti Marketing

Dan and I were out at David Stuempfle's Pottery today to load his new toy wood fired bourry box kiln that is a pretty fair sized little kiln. Try to find a 4 1/2 or 6 inch post around a big pot man's pottery. They don't exist. Well I have some small 18 inch posts we could use for the mugs. No, David that will not work.  The kiln shelves were from the Kohler toilet bowl factory so they were totally unliftable for me. I love these potteries with the dirt floors and the outdoor kiln showrooms. No spot lights, no hang tags, no foo fa rah. Here are the pots, buy them and take them home and they will knock your socks off.
So we head out tomorrow to fire off this kiln. I think it is like having a little ducky to float in the bathtub for David. The posts were full bricks, the shelves way too big. He has to rethink this kiln, it's furniture and the firing

time involved. He has a Bassett hound that is hard to train. They may be kindred spirits.


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