The Ten F's of 2019

A card from my friend Vicki Hamilton.  
Many people today have a bucket list of things they are checking off that they want to do in their lives. Me, my list kinda rhymes with bucket.
Funny on this last day of the year we become reflective about our lives and plan a new strategy for the upcoming year.

So that's my list of Ten F's of 2019.
1. Fuck it! Do it, don't wait!  Here's my New Year's toast I'll say tonight. "Here's to it and from it and if you ever get to it for fuck's sake do it!"
2. Forgive! Forgive yourself and others. A thoughtful line from a recent movie I went to see with friends Bohemian Rhapsody (the rise and fall of Freddie Mercury). "When you love yourself, give me a call." Self love ain't so easy but forgiveness is a good start.
3. Fear! courage and fear go hand in hand. Fear keeps us safe. Fear is instructive.
4. Friends- If you really mean it tell them they have made a difference in your life. Be a friend to have friends.
5. Family- When the final knock comes on your door it will be they who surround you. Be sure they know how much you love them.
6. Food- avoid the centre aisles of the supermarket. Buy local, buy as much as I can from the Amish and people I know. Processed food is tempting but not good for me.
6. Fitness- keep up with your walking.  My wireless headphones have become my walking the dog. Those that claim they don't have time haven't made their own health a priority. It is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Fun! Honey, I know life isn't all about fun. No Dad, life is about having fun!!!!
8. Flexible. Be flexible in your work and your life. Recognize good change and go for it with all the passion you can muster.
9. Fire. Keep the fire alive in yourself. It is fed with all the previous 8 on my list.  I am paraphrasing a Korean potter Byongchan - He talks about the pots from his wood kiln " Some will live ordinary lives, some will not make it and some will show their best character." Keep firing and looking for the sweet spot in your personal kiln.
10. Forward- I wish you all the very best as we move forward into 2019. Let's knock this next year right outta the park.
Hugs and love to all of you that make my life so extra ordinary. Happy New Years!!!


gz said…
Couldn't have found a better list anywhere!!
All the best for you and your kiln may I send a traditional Scots greeting........Lang may yer Lum reek!!
Anonymous said…
Favourite F's for 2019 .... I don't give a fuck about Puritanism!

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