Santa called!

Home from NC. I did some grocery shopping, some banking, some laundry,  a whole bunch of catch up and then Old Saint Nick gave me call. He wanted some smaller stocking stuffers before Christmas.
For me there is hard money and easy money. Making one off individual pots is hard money. You are stretching your comfort zone. You don't know whether the market will want them. You haven't been there before. So when Santa phoned and asked me to do what I can really do with eyes closed I was relieved.  Tomorrow I will handle and put feet on the pots. It's what I love to do and adds the signature that has become mine.
I always put a Christmas bag of goodies(pots of course) together for the women at my Credit Union that treat me so well. I usually have them over for a glass of wine at Christmas. I've said it before -  an artist should live your life generously.
I like a bullet proof clay. I threw the clay, textured a couple of hours later and trimmed it before dark- 4:30 pm. Gawd, it gets dark early. What I love about the textured pots is they really are already decorated. A single glaze will be all they are screaming for. I have buttermilk, and salt yellow in mind.
Little sauce bowls/mixing bowls, batter bowls.

Learn to throw fast- time is all a potter has.

Screaming for handles and feet.


Anonymous said…
Santa isn't the only wise man around!
Anonymous said…
Sensual Pottery Class

Sign me up!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful view from your studio, Tony!

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