David and Golaith

 It's a no brainer that David brained Golaith. A big giant came down the hill all dressed in heavy armour expecting to fight another giant in heavy armour. He was met by the little sheperd boy with no heavy shield, spear and sword. David could brain the giant in the forehead with a stone from 50 metres.
This is what is happening in the art business right now with the onslaught of Covid-19. At the NC Potters Conference I listened to two very bright guys Alex Matisse and John Vigeland in partnership with East Fork Pottery. Along with Alex's wife Connie they have 85 employees, a couple of retail shops and massive investments in capital equipment. To me this equals _ Golaith or Big Art.
I listened to their presentations
I wish I lived by the sea- chowder yummy!

Matt Levy's porcelain and Dark Star

Purple $20USD grey ones free

bisque mould
and although in awe of their amazing business savvy and business model I thought to myself thank god it ain't me. I can hardly organize myself much less a small army of employees. To have the fate of 85 families on my pillow each night is more than I could handle. Wishing all the best to the bright young minds of  East Fork.
In the meantime many of us have isolated to our homes and studios which is pretty much what we have done for all our careers. We are small and flexible.  I have never had as a goal to have thousands of people want my work. I've been pretty well served by the small following that I have created.   I hope my friends and customers will all be safe and well and continue to love what I love to make.
Being isolated I have felt like some comfort food- namely soup. I sat down and made some chowder bowls. I bought 24 shells online for $20USD and then one of my students Patti Claflin from Nantucket presented me with a big bag of shells for free. I wanted to make some handles so I pressed a shell into a piece of clay and bisque fired it for a mould. Simple, cheap, low cost methods to make a product of value. That is has pretty well been my business model.


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