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Today I imagined myself back at Starworks for Tea Time with Dan and Christina. During our residency together Dan would hold tea time at 4pm sharp. A gallon sized t-pot and baked goods were always available. Dan would invite all in the clay business and it became a popular part of our day. Christina made Madeleines. She is an amazing baker. I went off to the neighbouring junk store in Biscoe and bought this Madeleine mould and turned them into handles. If ya can't bake Madeleines make Madeleine handles.  
In my last few years of trying to be a one off potter I still slip back into production mode and make multiples of the same item.
A smart production potter would throw these bowls so they don't need trimming, just a thumbed flat bottom and ready to dry and bisque.
This dumb potter throws the bowls so that they need a trimmed foot. This dumb potter has to also time the surface so that the stamped texture can make it's mark deep enough into the clay without cracking it. The trimmed foot and signature whoopee are a must on my bowls. More time- who cares? Then after trimming I had to make 32 presses in the madeleine mould so that I could have 16 handles for my 8 bowls. Put the madeleines together slip and score and voila we have functional bowls. So that's another mistake they happen to be functional which probably means less money. Oh, I'm not finished in the loosing money journey. Once I get out of isolation I want to wood fire these bowls.
Since I started receiving my Old Age Pension I have felt the freedom to make pots the way I like them. I no longer cut corners but seem to have started adding more and more steps in the process. The older we get the better we used to be.
Madeleine bowl- what can you use this for??? I can hear it now.

A run of 8 means a morning of finishing.

Madeleine mould


Anonymous said…
The French and English words for 'bacon' are spelled the same. 'Bacon' is a masculine noun, so it takes 'le' as the definite article.

Obviously they are le bacon bowls.
wade said…
that is a nice stamp on the bowls

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