When a thief kisses you!

When a thief kisses you, count your teeth! Jewish proverb.
Last fall I went down to Seagrove to help out my friend Jennie with her sales at a big Seagrove Potters Event.
Just down the aisle was my favourite big pot woman Donna Craven. I could see some of these amazing big pots that I lusted for. I figured man I love those pots but I can't afford $1200, $1500 or $2000 for one of those BIG beauties. I looked down the aisle a half hour later and they were being carried away. None of the biggies were left. I rushed down to see the prices were like $4-$500 USD. Donna had just had some teeth work done and now I know why. Collectors had kissed her and stole her teeth. These amazing pots are worth 3 times the price Donna asks. If I had one pot outta a wood kiln as beautifully made and fired it would not go cheap.
There are amazing musicians in Every Town America that play for tips. There are amazing potters in Every Town America that make amazing work and sell for minimum wage..  Donna deserves the price she asks and a healthy tip. Donna is one of the nation's best.
There is a big beauty of Donna's  at The Potters Centre in Seagrove that Donna put aside Seagrove- Then and Now cause it so damn fricking good- $800USD. She will get wholesale for that pot- more teeth missing. I never wanted to be a dentist. Love your work Donna. Hope you and Susan are safe and well.
Love these gourd shapes- pin striping ain't bad either.

Nice jar under that lid- ain't it great!!!

I think this is a new look- love it. 


Anonymous said…
Sitting at my wheel all alone, all alone with my wheel and my kiln,
can't attend a workshop or a class, they are all canceled or postponed.

Any on-line ceramic classes out there?

Are you on Zoom or Instagram Live Mr. T.C.?
Anonymous said…
Artist Relief will distribute $5,000 grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19


Anonymous said…
Cancellations and postponements due to COVID-19 are having unprecedented impacts on artists and other freelance workers in Canada

Share your story


#ilostmygigca @ilostmygigca
Anonymous said…
Documenting Economic Losses and Emergency Relief

As of April 16, more creators and artists will be eligible for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Canadian Heritage Minister Guilbeault has created a video that explains the criteria for eligibility for artists and creators. If you are eligible, please visit the CERB website to apply.



Anonymous said…
The ability for potters and ceramic artists to earn their usual income has been greatly affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exhibitions, teaching, markets and selling opportunities have ceased. The time has come for us to help each other through this difficult time.




Anonymous said…
Is it time for Uncle Tony's story time?

Give us shut-ins some of your inspiration and hope!

Read me a story from your book.
Anonymous said…
Go to that heartfelt passionate place that pulls you. Embrace the friends you meet along the way. Learn how to flow with the river. The life of a maker is a fluid one but a good one.

Karen Franzen
Unknown said…
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