Sometimes Bad is Good.

I picked up this little Oxaca cup in an antique store in one of my favourite little towns Fredricksburg, Texas. A lovely little German town surrounded by wineries. A lazy river flowed thru the town of many great restaurants and galleries.

The tiny wee handle on it is so bad it's good. I have found a way to pinch it like I did my mum's fine china tea cups. It is lead glazed and makes my tequila, ice and lime taste absolutely delicious. I figure those of you that eat Big Macs are putting something far worse in your mouths.
So maybe it''s about making what appears bad to be good.
About a decade ago I read one of Canada's top economists book "Why your world is about to become a whole lot smaller"- by Jeff Rubin.
He was warning that except in a recession (like now) oil is never going to be cheap. Shipping kiwi's from NZ to Canada some 15000 kilometres is not smart. Bananas don't grow in Canada but apples do. Eat apples for Gawds sake. Do you think my neighbouring Amish are having kiwi's and bananas on their granola? They are eating apples, pears, peaches, cherries and other native fruits that they canned and put in the root cellar along with their root vegetables and smoked meats.
Many of my friends are planning on planting their first gardens ever. Something bad is all of a sudden making us do something good.
I'm trying to stay centred with making pots and leaving the art on them.. Hell if nobody wants them and I have to live with them I want to like them.
Come close to that cup with a sponge and I'l hit ya with a brick

My enlarged Dinkies.  Upped the scale .


Anonymous said…
Let's Go Luna

Windy Washi / When the Bowl Breaks
Anonymous said…
Good luck with that, most of the former orchards in Niagara are now housing estates.
The same thing with the vineyards, the wineries now blend all their wines 50% canadian grapes with 50% imported grapes, because they can't buy enough Canadian grapes. I haven't seen a Canadian apple in my local grocery store for years, they are all imported from Chile and the U.S.A.
Tony Clennell said…
Anonymous: If you buy VQA wine from Ontario they are made of 100% Ontario grapes. VQA wine is not your under $10 bottle so drink less and spend more. They are usually in the $15 range. As for local apples we here in Aylmer have several apple farm stands that sell their apples. Many of the Amish stands also sell their fruits and vegetables. This may even be a good reason for us all that can to plant our own apple tree.
Anonymous said…
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