It's nice to be home to my Breville Espresso and grinder. It kinda makes waking up in the morning a highlight.
I have a new favourite high test cup thanks to Jennie. Jennie sent me for my birthday this Fred and Carol cup and her hand made hawk which is my spirit animal. Thank you for your love, Jennie.
A few years ago Fred Johnston had a heart attack and he is so thankful for his life he now signs his work "Love Fred". Well this cup is Love Fred and Carol. Fred Johnston and his wife and collaborator Carol Gentithes. I had been eyeing these cups since I saw them at a show. Fred made the cup and Carol adds the Alice in Wonderland narrative.
Carol created this creature not really a  horse and  not really of this world. There is so much information on this cup I think it will take another virus for me to have time to discover it all.
In this time of isolation I have been looking at all the art work in The Cactus Lounge. Maybe there is too much, maybe I now have time to enjoy what I love.
Horse, donkey I dunno I don't care . It's got my attention.

What I am grateful for is that I am completely surrounded by love. Every piece of art in my house transmits love to me. I know everyone that made everything I cherish in my home.
I am glad I have bought handmade whenever possible. I firmly believe that the love of the maker transmits love to me. Ok, I know you think isolation has made me finally crack. I've secretly believed this all my life.
I put the spirit animal above my bed. The hawk observes and can see what is happening around it.
The Hawk- my spirit animal


claylady said…
sending birthday wishes from the cornfields.
claylady said…
Sending birthday wishes from the cornfields
Anonymous said…
Laugh and grow strong.
Anonymous said…
A lucky man to have so many things I in your home transmitting love, your cup makers sound pretty awesome, will try to look them up, the world certainly needs more love in it. JD

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