Doing a line.

The purpose of drawing is not to put lines down on paper any more than the purpose of jogging is to get somewhere. You must exercise your vision without caring overly much about the products of your practice...... the desired goal should be to see more deeply. Ben Edwards- Artist.
We don't know what is ahead for us artists. Who are we making for and what are we making them?
Covid-19 has given me time. Time to do what seems like guilty time away from my pottery. My Uncle Jimmie taught himself to read. He went to the coal mines at the age of 12.  I am living in the Quarantine Tavern which was once the lively dance floor known as The Cactus Lounge where people met, laughed, ate, drank, joked and told lies(good lies).
I am teaching myself to draw. What I have learned as Ben Edwards above stated is that I am seeing more deeply into the work I want to make and the work I fall back on.

Through the drawing process I have found I am struggling to make two of my signature forms loose like I want them. I think I am now getting the jug loosened up but the teapot is my next hurdle. The first two drawings were what I am comfortable with. The last drawing is where I want to head.
This is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone. Go ahead and embarrass yourself. You ain't going to be seeing their smirking faces for sometime now.
Tomorrow I will put up my drawings in some sort of order vases, jars, tea bowls, bacon dishes, Voulkos stacks that I aspire to make.  Thank you to a couple of my collectors for wanting to buy a drawing. I made it thru a 19.5% mortgage rate, a newly built house and single parenting two kids so I will make it through this. Have I told you they were the best years of my life?
No furnace just a wood stove. I'd get up start the fire, make the kids breakfast and wake them. They would grab their breakfast and sit in front of the wood stove wrapped in their blankets. I relive that memory with a smile on my face. Be well my brothers and sisters. t


gz said…
Drawing is invaluable but so difficult to do every day. Now we have a chance to set new patterns, to evaluate.

My eldest two childrens' teacher on the art course they started at 16 insisted that it photographers, sculptors, painters, whatever..filled two A4 sides in their drawing books every day...Hand, Eye, Brain co-ordination practice!

Good memories too.
Anonymous said…
CERF+ is doing so much to help artists who can’t work due to circumstances out of their control.

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