The Experience

It was 1967 when Jimi Hendrix and The Experience first released Purple Haze. My oldest brother Chris was President of Teen Town and often times he had to take me along. It was his duty as BIG BROTHER to introduce me to the other side of the tracks. He introduced me to this new form of music- The Blues. I was a Stones man and shunned The Beatles. I liked the bad boys of rock. Today teaching at Pinecroft I was reminded of how "experience" is such an important part of the reality at Pinecroft. Pinecroft appeals to all 5 senses- visual,audio,taste, smell and touch. It has been mostly that way for 75 years. Starting with a 45 gallon barrel of corn at the pond so that visitors could feed the ducks and geese. They would walk the 55 acres of pines and forest bath among the songs of birds and the occassional surprise visit by some other critter. There has always been a tour dog or two to be the visitors welcoming and tour guide. The meals are superb, the scenery breath taking, the sounds of nature captivating, the smell of the pines aromatic and the teaching over the top excellent :). During the summer there are jam sessions and music events, sometimes a wedding and best of all a collection of pyromaniacs gathered for a weekend wood firing. My class has our special table for the 9 of us. The table faces a portrait of my Uncle Jimmie. Every new class says how much they love the picture of me. I always thank them for saying I look like an 84 year old man. We do share the same twinkle in our eyes and we both project a love of the process of making pots. I think we share the same build and temperment. Here is the green frog for which the tearoom is named after. It was in front of a hotel in St.Thomas for people to get up on their horses. When the hotel closed Uncle Charles brought it to Pinecroft on a horse drawn ice sled. Now people drop coins at it's base to make a wish. Part of an experience!!!! h
Here is me at 84 or more to the point a portrait of my Uncle Jimmie. He loved to demonstrate on the wheel for visitors. They would come by the bus load and he came to life before an audience. Part of the experience!
. Here is a ash glazed platter of mine in the tearoom. It's probably 10 years old. It's nice to revisit the past for me here. I have such fond memories.
Here is the Jammin Cabin where on weekends some local musicians come and sing and enjoy each others company. More experience you say. yes!
Pinecroft is really a commercial Walden Pond. Not everyone can walk out on life and spend their existence by a pond living in nature. Pinecroft allows them a few hours of it and it is good for the soul. I am daily reminded of Thoreau's wise words " It's not what you look at but what you see". I see memories.


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