The Chainsaw Carpenters

Well Sheila and I have finished the wood butchery in the workshop. In my next life I will be a gentleman potter with a patron that will pay to have a builder do all the grunt work. This is the third studio that we have built. We do pretty well everything with a circular saw and a cordless drill. A bargain Boxing Day oscillating saw has come in handy for a variety of jobs.

The joint is ready for Sheila to start painting on Monday when I'm off to school. I think the plywood will suck up a lot of paint and this is going to be a BIG job. Colour scheme planned is white ceiling to give it height, yellow walls, a painted on black board and we haven't decided on the floor colour yet.  I have to do some market research to find out what colour squirrels and raccoons hate most.


Anonymous said…
Prime fist. It is cheaper than paint and will keep the paint from sucking in.
madpotter1 said…
Look'n good! Just finished three weeks of reno and wish you guys lived closer as I bought two gallons of Woodrow Wilson Maize, a lovely pale yellow but sure as hell didn't work in the room I put it in. Don't know about you but my knees are just shot.......... good to be sitting at the wheel today :) Happy New Year to guys!
John Post said…
The French doors look great. Windows in a studio make a huge difference. I like working in my studio best when the sun is out. That arch window is really nice too.

If you are painting, a great tip I got from a house painter is to use a roller for rough surfaces, even on smooth surfaces. The thick nappiness of the roller makes that nice stipple texture much better than smooth surface rollers.
smartcat said…
Love those French doors. I find I can't work in windowless spaces. And yes, a good primer will make a world of difference.

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