A Potter's Best Friend

No!  A potter's best friend is not a dog. It's a hammer! I keep one handy above my wheel. Might as well put it out of it's misery before it gets out there and further pollutes the world. Well, the butt scratchin' is over and it is time to play some rock and roll. I know the music but I have forgotten all the words since they were written for a high pitched Cone 10 voice and now I have to sing low down around Cone 1. Sheila got me a brand new birch chair from Ikea for $9 so I can sit there and stare out the window at the trains until a vision comes to me. I don't believe in ghosts but I'm afraid of them. I keep hoping the ghost of my Uncle Jimmie would drop in and talk to me about this low fire stuff. I think he knows I'm afraid of ghosts so he stays away.
I keep telling the students that pressure makes diamonds so we'll see what we will have in couple of months. I think for the first month or so the hammer will have it's work cut out for her. Ya, the hammer is female. She answers to the name "The Destroyer!"


Dennis Allen said…
First on my "to do"list this year was break more pots.Put them out of their misery and move on.Mine is called the hammer of truth.
smartcat said…
Yes! A GBH (Great Big Hammer) is the potters friend. I usually collect a nice cat litter bucketful of horrors and then smash them in my driveway.....terra cotta makes great driveway fill!
i did a little smashing this week, it feels so good.
that's a sweet little $9 chair!
Cyndi said…
Love the new studio, Tony and Sheila! I can't wait to see the new work. Cone 1!
Kevin Carter said…
If only more people would realize the importance of the "quality control hammer", there would be more nice pots in the world.
Don't be a-scairt of that low fire, yoiu can do it!
The studio looks great--bright and happy. Hope you will be happy there for many years to come!
Marv Bjurlin said…
Hey, Tony, I just went to the dump with a whole barrel full of smashed pots! It felt good to pitch them into the hole. Now, fish are another matter: I am just finishing up a group using the your clays from PSH. They will be ready for the wood kilns in a few weeks.

There is a chance we might stop to see you on our return from Toronto on Feb. 19. I'll be in touch about that.

Marv Bjurlin

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